Keynote by

Albrecht Schmidt
Peripheral Interaction to Improve Human Cognitive Abilities

Organized by

Saskia Bakker1
Doris Hausen2
Ted Selker3
Elise van den Hoven4,1
Andreas Butz2
Berry Eggen1

1Industrial Design Department
Eindhoven University of Technology
the Netherlands

2Human-Computer-Interaction Group
University of Munich (LMU)

University of California Berkeley

4Faculty of
Design, Architecture & Building
University of Technology, Sydney

Peripheral Interaction:
Shaping the Research and Design Space

Workshop at CHI 2014, Sunday April 27th

When interacting with the physical world around us we easily carry out small activities in our background or periphery of attention. Peripheral Interaction tries to transfer this to interaction with digital devices, to better embed them in our daily routines. This new interaction paradigm is based on diverse research areas (e.g. ambient information, implicit interaction, ubiquitous computing, calm technology) and addresses researchers, engineers, designers and practitioners in a number of disciplines. This one-day workshop will start with a keynote by Albrecht Schmidt entitled “Creating Seamless transitions between Central and Peripheral User Interfaces”. Through discussions, hands-on explorations and experiences, we aim at shaping the field of Peripheral Interaction based on both high-level discussions and practical interaction level experiences.

What is Peripheral Interaction?
In everyday life, we are able to perform various activities simultaneously without consciously paying attention to them. For example, we can easily read a newspaper while drinking coffee. This latter activity takes place in our background or periphery of attention. Contrarily, interactions with computing technology usually require focused attention. With interactive technologies becoming increasingly present in the everyday environment, it is essential to explore how these technologies could be developed such that people can interact with them both in the focus and in the periphery of attention. This upcoming field of Peripheral Interaction aims to fluently embed interactive technology into everyday life.

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Header image by Jonathan Cohen.