Saskia Bakker
Industrial Design Department
Eindhoven University of Technology
the Netherlands

Doris Hausen
Human-Computer-Interaction Group
University of Munich (LMU)

Elise van den Hoven
Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Industrial Design Department
Eindhoven University of Technology
the Netherlands

Ted Selker
University of California Berkeley

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8st July, 2015: Extended Submission Deadline

1st September, 2015: Reviews available

27th September, 2015: Revisions Due

11th October, 2015: Notification

1st November, 2015: Camera Ready Deadline

November, 2015: Publication

Designing for Peripheral Interaction: seamlessly integrating interactive technology in everyday life

SPECIAL ISSUE in the Interaction Design and Architecture(s) journal (IxD&A)


In everyday life, we can easily perform various activities without focused attention. For example, we can tie our shoelaces or know what the weather is like without consciously thinking about it. Such activities are performed in our periphery of attention while they may also shift to the center of attention when relevant. Contrarily, interactive devices such as smartphones usually require focused attention to be interacted with. Since such devices are becoming omnipresent in our daily environment, we need to explore how to design technology such that it can engage both the focus and periphery of attention. This direction, which is called "peripheral interaction", aims to seamlessly embed computing technology into everyday life.

With computers now becoming truly ubiquitous in everyday life, certain interactions with computing technologies will inevitably not concern our focus of attention. While various past efforts in this domain aimed to subtly present information such that people can perceive it in their periphery of attention, we now see an upcoming interest in interactive systems that people can physically interact with in their periphery of attention. This special issue aims to unify the various terminologies used and will furthermore try to consolidate motivation for and framing of the work. This issue aims to enable a platform for a wide academic discussion on peripheral interaction and its value for embedding HCI in everyday life.

Table of Contents

Preface - Download
Saskia Bakker, Doris Hausen, Elise van den Hoven, Ted Selker

Towards New Ambient Light Systems: a Close Look at Existing Encodings of Ambient Light Systems - Download
Andrii Matviienko, Maria Rauschenberger, Vanessa Cobus, Janko Timmermann, Jutta Fortmann, Andreas Lšcken, Heiko MŸller, Christoph Trappe, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll

"Will it Catch Their Attention?" - Evaluating Situated and Peripheral Displays in a Personal Context - Download
Florian GŸldenpfennig, Roman Ganhšr, Geraldine Fitzpatrick

A Wrist-Worn Thermohaptic Device for Graceful Interruption - Download
Frank Bolton, Shahram Jalaliniya, Thomas Pederson

I am Calm: Towards a Psychoneurological Evaluation of ABC Ringtones - Download
John N.A. Brown, Jorge Oliveira, Saskia Bakker

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Review committee

Heiko Mueller, OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology, Germany
Dzmitry Aliakseyeu, Philips Research Europe, The Netherlands
John NA Brown, Universidade Lusofona, Portugal
Daniel Ashbrook, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Peter Bennett, University of Bristol, UK
Jackie Lee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Tom Zimmerman, IBM Research, USA
Rahul Rajan, Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley, USA
Dimitra Anastasiou, University of Oldenburg, Germany

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